Selected objects

im trying to create a simple functional video in Rhino and iam looking for a way to turn of the yellow highlight (when selecting an object/ group) in rhino.
Is that in any way possible?

That sounds very promising, Iam using rhino on mac, may that be the reason why im having difficulty opening it? I have never used an .rhp file…

You have not described the problem you’re trying to solve.

Do you want the object to still be selected but not show yellow?
You can change the color for selected objects in Preferences > Colors if that’s the issue.

Ill try to be more clear:
I want the object to be selected but not show any colour besides the material I put onto it. So no highlight outline of any kind.
Reason is i want to find a way to make a quick and easy screen record of my model and move certain objects in it to show the function. That would look much cleaner if there wasn’t the mentioned highlight of the objects.

There isn’t an option to leave the selected object the object’s unselected or Layer color.
You would need to set your selected color to closely match the existing color.