Problem: Selected objects in shaded Viewports

Hi guys,

finally having had to upgrade to Rhino 6.29 because my trustworthy Rhino 4 doesn’t work on my new hardware anymore, I ran into two problems:

  1. I’m toggling between wireframe display and shaded viewport.
    In Rhino 4, a selected object hides its yellow highlight lines in a shaded viewport, but in Rhino 6 I haven’t found a way to get rid of them (slightly annoyed here).

Is there a way to hide the selection in a shaded viewport?

  1. In a shaded viewport, if I choose “Selected = true”, the selected part only stays visible if it is not a block. If it’s a block, it is hidden (as the rest of the model).

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t remember that… been a long time since I used V4 though. How do you know the object is selected?

I select it in wireframe view, and then toggle to shaded.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately this didn’t solve my problem - but setting
Rhino.Options.OpenGL.WireThicknessScale to 0.5 helped for the moment.

So, the only remaining problem is a selected block disappearing in a shaded viewport.

Hi Andreas -

Where are you setting “Selected = true”? I don’t understand what you are asking about here.

Hi Wim,

steps to re-create this behaviour:

  1. I have a complex model that includes about 90 blocks, all linked from externel (Rhino-) Files
  2. I edit the model in wireframe viewport
  3. I select a block
  4. _Shade
  5. Command line: Choose Shade settings (Selected = No DisplayMode = Rendered)
  6. Click on “Selected = No”
  7. New command line: Choose Shade settings (Selected = Yes DisplayMode = Rendered)

–> All non-selected parts disappear, including the selected one

If I select a non-block part in step 3, anything works as expected: All none-selected parts disappear and only the selected part remains visible.

Thx for your input!

does the isolate command do what you are expecting?

pick the object you want to work on, run isolate and continue.

to bring them all back, run the show command. I have these commands aliased to a hotkey.

Hi Andreas - that Selected=Yes/No option does seems a little odd. I’ll investigate.
RH-60778 Shade: dash version ‘Selected’ option
@theoutside - the option is on the dash version of Shade … “_-Shade”


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_Shade is like a Rhino 1.0 command that is still in there - from the days when shading an entire viewport continuously might have burned out your graphics card… :roll_eyes:

Hi Mitch - I use Shade a zillion times a day, as I work in wireframe almost always. But I have never used the dash version and its options…