Is it possible to have objects when selected not have the highlighting that signifies an object is selected?

installed script (unblocked after download)
Also, Added a custom “Highlight Toggle” custom button too, fun to draw these :wink:

  1. download script
  2. unblock script in properties.
  3. install script (by dragging into rhino session)
    should work when typing command “highlight…”
  4. Right Click on tool bar, “Create new button”
  5. name it, Draw icon if you like. In command, put: !_HighlightToggle T=Yes
  6. All done, and you can drag/cntl copy it to any toolbar you like.


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You can make a button yourself, i just did for the first time, simple, works.
(see my post above this one)
and you can make a keyoard shortcut in options:
Just pick your shortcut keys you like

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I already have a custom button for more than a year now, but my suggestion is to make this a native Rhino toggle (that ships with the default Rhino) located somewhere at the Status bar on the bottom. Also, note that my other suggestion is to be able to toggle selection highlight only on certain object types, which is an extremely powerful way to select meshes without highlighted polygons (best way is to highlight the outline only) while NURBS geometry is highlighted normally.


Be able to highlight geometry types (only meshes, only NURBS, only curves etc).

Be able to set custom highlight option to a certain object (a command ! _SetObjectHighlightMode
similar to the existing ! _SetObjectDisplayMode would be welcome).

Be able to quickly change the highlight mode to all objects through a toggle in the Status bar.

Be able to choose whether highlighted geometry will fill the faces in a solid colour (current behaviour for SubD geometry) or will only affect the edges (current behaviour for NURBS geometry)

Be able to choose whether the selected objects with turned off highlight will appear as “not selected” (only the Gumball and bounding box will be indicative for that) or with a highlighted border (the way geometry in 3ds Max is being highlighted).

My custom button doesn’t load up with my saved template.
how do I fix that?

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From which version to which version?

It’s likely that you can’t.

Yay upgrades.

Created it in the same version I’m working in.
It doesn’t even show when I re-open the file.

Version 7 SR28
(7.28.23058.3001, 2023-02-27)

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I’m not sure then, it could have still become corrupted somehow or just hidden.

I would need more information, but I’m all too familiar with the bugs associated with trying to maintain custom toolbars.

I merely gave up doing that, and just rely mostly on default toolbars for many years now, after the V6 transition from V5.

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Hi Mikele,

FWIW toolbars and buttons are independent of templates. They are stored in .rui files.

I would recommend putting custom buttons in a custom toolbar so there is no risk of a Rhino update overwriting the standard templates and thereby losing them.