Help Us Help You - Rhino.Inside.Revit Edition

4. Isolating the issue and posting files

Revit projects are rarely small & the issues are rarely simple. Its understandable that support files aren’t always readily uploadable, for size or for privacy concerns.

That said, here are some recommendations:

  • Isolating the question to a new Revit file with the Revit Version in the File Name, then purge the Revit file several times to reduce size.

  • List your GH plugins needed to review the question, if possible remove all gh plugin components not related to the question.

  • Name your GH file with a prefix of RH8 or RH7

  • The Rhino file isn’t as important to add a prefix but would be a good practice to do so, some users that are trying to help might not have Rhino 8 installed.

  • Search the forum first, if its something to do with the Revit API try Revit API forums, Stack Overflow, Youtube & various blogs, they are all great resources.

  • Choose the correct Forum Category for your post. There are many implementations of Rhino.Inside besides Revit, please put ANYTHING related to Revit in the Rhino.Inside - Revit forum category.

  • If the question is purely grasshopper related, remove all Rhino.Inside.Revit components and post to the Grasshopper Forum category for greater exposure.

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