Revit cannot run the external command "Grasshopper"

After updating Rhino.Inside to version:
I keep getting this error when I am trying to start Grasshopper from Revit 2020.2 (no error is being thrown in Revit 2021.1.2)

See this post please and let me know if you have any of these apps installed

Thanks for getting back to me Ehsan, it was ComputeHub addon that was conflicting with RhinoInside.Revit

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Glad you found the conflict. What does ComputeHub do?

Hi @tatjana.somova,

There is a new release (v0.8) at ‘Daily Channel’ that hope to fix this problem.
May you confirm us it is fixed on your side?


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How did you solve the problem please ?

Hi Kamal,

Please see out troubleshooting and known issues guide.