Rhino Inside Revit Crash

Hi I am having crash issue for Rhino 8 for Rhino Inside Revit.
The issue happens when I start grasshopper. The image attached shows the issue using Revit 2024 but I have checked that same thing happens in Revit 2023 as well.
Also, the crash happens when GH in initializing and loading GhPython.

Is there a recommended quick fix for this?
Please let me know. Thank you!

Is there

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Hi Lee_Sun,

This is most likely a plug-in or add-in conflict of some sort. To troubleshoot we need to isolate Rhino.Inside.Revit from other Revit Addins first, then potentially test Grasshopper plugins as well.

To isolate Revit please either use this add-in that disables addins

or you can Shift+Ctrl click on the Start (Green Dot) to bring up the dialog to open a new instance of Revit without other Addins loaded.

If the error is still coming up when opening Grasshopper we will need to look at the grasshopper & Rhino plugins.

Start grasshopper in Rhino.Inside.Revit from the Rhino command line with ‘GrasshopperLoadOnebyOne’ command and say No to any 3rd party plug-ins