Grasshopper 2-Alpha available for testing

Grasshopper 2.0 Alpha 1 is finally available for public testing. If you have Rhino8 Wip installed, you can download and install the grasshopper2 plug-in via the _PackageManager and started with the _G2 command. Grasshopper 2 can be installed and used alongside Grasshopper 1.

Important things to know:

  1. Grasshopper 2 is not finished.
  2. Grasshopper 2 cannot open gh and ghx files.
  3. Grasshopper 2 cannot load gha plug-ins.
  4. Grasshopper 2 is not cushioned.
  5. Grasshopper 2 is in flux.
  6. Grasshopper 1 is not dead.

To elaborate on each item in this list:

  1. Many features are still missing. It will probably take about a year to add the remaining types, components, and features.
  2. There’s a new file format called ghz which is used by GH2. Although data can be exchanged between GH1 and GH2 using the Data Input and Data Output components (called Data From File and Data To File in GH2), at present there’s no better way. This will be an area of intense focus soon, but the problem is hard.
  3. Grasshopper 2.0 is a total rewrite, there have been many design changes in the core code and plug-ins simply cannot be upgraded. Again, the ability to leverage GH1 functionality from within GH2 is something we’re going to focus on, but it will take time.
  4. There is little error handling in GH2 because at this stage in the development we want to find out where the bugs are rather than try and prevent them from crashing your computer. When GH2 crashes, please please please send in the crash report.
  5. Big changes are made almost every week to central algorithms. This often breaks the SDK making GH2 plug-in development a versioning nightmare. We highly recommend waiting a few months with third party plug-in development until the core has stabilised and until the standard feature set is more mature.
  6. Development on Grasshopper 1.0 continues with both new features and bug fixes. GH1 will remain part of the standard Rhino installation for a long time to come. It is not however clear when GH2 will be included in standard Rhino. It may be that Rhino8 ships before this happens.

See answers to some sensible questions here…

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Is it April 1 or no joke?


Just a precision before David gets countless questions about it: make sure to check the “Include pre-releases” box at the bottom of the Package Manager :wink:


No April’s fool. Thanks David. You legend. Disruptive innovation right here

No April’s fool!

Awesome! Thanks, David, Very excited. I still remember the moments of excitement when I first tried Explicit History.


No April’s Fool! Thank you David, what a great moment for the community!


It looks nice.! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! A long awaited day! It looks awesome!

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this function be removed?

display>draw full name.
view>obscure components.

i can’t easy readable. ㅜㅜ

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View Menu: “Show Names” option replaces “Draw full name”
David will have to answer about the obscure components, but my suspicion is that there aren’t any, currently.

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Gifts. Thank you.

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but …i think need i/o name.

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OMG it’s happening
I’m literally foaming at the mouth :heart:

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Sorry, not yet. Component (user assigned) names are not drawn at all yet, and input/output names cannot be switched yet to full names.

Youhou ! Selecting wires here we come

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Super exciting. Congrats David. All the best for GH community. Gretings from Brazil.


What’s new?? And how can I get my hands on Rhino 8? thanks!

Everything is new, not a single line of code is shared between gh1 and gh2.

To get Rhino 8 Wip, you need to own Rhino 7. Then you can participate in the testing process: Welcome to Serengeti