Grasshopper 2 file upgrader available now

Today’s Rhino 8 Wip release is accompanied by a new Grasshopper 2 Alpha version. This version contains the first legacy file converter; *.gh and *.ghx files written by Grasshopper 1 can now be imported.

This is the first iteration of the file upgrader and it definitely won’t work flawlessly. Free floating parameters will be converted into native Grasshopper 2 parameters, but not all possible modifiers are carried over yet. Components will be converted into special interop components which rely on Grasshopper 1 for their operation.

Eventually we aim to provide more dedicated conversion into native Grasshopper 2 types, but at the moment this is only done (and only partially) for sliders, panels, relays, and the Line 2 Points component.

This is Windows only at the moment since we didn’t manage to port the code inside Grasshopper 1 over to mac OS in time for this week’s Rhino Wip release.