Package Manager compatibility with Rhino 6,7,8

Does PackageManager identify if a certain plugin is compatible with the current Rhino version (6,7,8)?

For example, on Rhino 6, I can see there is Grasshopper 2 available:

But according to David Rutten’s release post - for Grasshopper 2, Rhino 8 WIP is required.

I am not trying to install Grasshopper2 to Rhino 6. I am just wondering if the the plugins shown in the PackageManager have some sort of Rhino version compatibility identification?

Hi Djordje -

Remember that, on Rhino 6, there is no PackageManager command. You are running TestPackageManager. That early prototype has a lot of issues that were fixed in the Rhino 7 command.
In Rhino 7, you won’t get Grasshopper2 in that list.


Thanks for the reply @wim ,
So PackageManager does filter the plugins depending on the current Rhino version?

Yes, it does. But the plug-in author needs to provide that information, of course.

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