Modern architectural tower

Hello. Does anybody know how to model this?

You can use subD tools in rhino7.
Any process you have done so far to achieve this?

I thought of designing it in grasshopper, by voronoi for example

It seems that the design repeats itself. If I had to model this I would start wit a wire frame, break it up in sections, draw in some cross section curves and use the sweep 2 rails command.
Then close it to be a solid and then boolean the holes. If you can create one section that can be copied and repeated that matches up then it is much less work than trying to create the whole building.

Thank you,It’s a good idea. I should try it. So you think modelling in grasshopper isn’t easy?

Unfortunately I don’t know grasshopper, only Rhinoceros.

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This would be advanced Grasshopper. It wouldn’t be easy by any means, but at the same time it’s also likely the best (or one of the best) programs for this application. If cost is of no concern there might be something better, but for what you can achieve vs the cost of Rhino3d/Grasshopper it’s unmatched.

So far I’ve found this YouTube channel to most suit my learning style:

The facade looks like it’s a mesh. If that’s the case you’ll have to learn Kangaroo, which is part of Grasshopper but kind of it’s own branch. If I’m correct than this tutorial would be relevant:

Grasshopper 2 is being released with Rhino 8 I believe. It’s different and at the same time might make Grasshopper 1 redundant/outdated. I’m currently contemplating if it’s worth learning Grasshopper at this exact moment, or waiting for Grasshopper 2. That will probably be my next question on this forum actually.


Facinating. I saw some grasshopper tutorials, I would love to start messing around with it… but to design a building like this is super advanced.
I think if you wanted fast results and had the money to pay an expert on Upwork or Fiver to design it on Grasshopper it would be the way to go. But on a budget and with my current skills it would be easier to model it in Rhino.

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Check this out… Parametric Marketplace for Grasshopper - YouTube

Maybe you can buy an algorithm from here that is already capable of creating this type of design.

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in particular:

I think learning GH1 is probably the best way to go if you want to start using GH2 on release day :slight_smile:
I agree GH2 will bring several changes and a ton of new stuff, but the basic structure, data-flow and data manipulation will generally be on the same page

I truly think that despite the differences (that you can already familliarize with, on the WIP of Rhino8 + GH2) being fluent with GH1 will not “harm” the transition to GH2

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Very useful information. Thank you!!

Thank you all.:bouquet::pray:

This is a Minimal Surface, it can be done with Chromodoris or Milipede + Dendro.

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Thank you so much

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