Font Substyles Bug?

i have no idea how to use specific substyles of a specific font. creating a text i can choose only the main font, the others are strictly hidden. after fiddling around i noticed that i can right click the font in the editor which reveals a font and show fonts but not all work. only substyles like bold italic but something like light, extra light or ultra black independent of the font does not reflect in the viewport.

also is there no quicker way to select substyles? marking the text in the editor then right clicking it, to select font then select show fonts, to select some further styles, seems ridiculously inconvenient and counter-intuitive or am i missing something obvious?

anybody out there who can confirm or resolve this?

i tried with a different theme but the issue persists.

here you can see, with a pretty standard font, when i select the substyle light or book it changes only in the editor, but not in the viewport. the same with substyles like black.

other fonts show substyles in the pull down menu, which does not give a good overview to select having quite a mess there, but i did not figure why some show substyles and other not at all. then again having to select the text in the editor to go through that procedure is very time consuming…

Hi @encephalon,
I am struggling with that too. I tried windows, and its pretty funny. We are using Helvetica Neue in the office, but windows does not enable the family that is fine on mac and vice versa. Quite a head-scratcher…when I need to work on both platforms, all the annotations in the file is corrupted.

I see this list -

I have not, I think, done anything special, it’s just what shows up - do you not see a similar list with the sub types?


unfortunately not all, special font types like thin or anything beyond the regular, light, bold, black and what not, does not seem to appear.

Hello - let’s pick a specific one - do you see, for example, Baskerville Semi-Bold? Avenir Next Ulltralight?


Hi @pascal,
I can see both of the fonts you mentioned. Anyway if I attempt to install Helvetica Neue lt std, the family won’t show up. Are fonts installed by user supported?

It seems a bit silly to install another HE font, but right now I am trying to find Helvetica Neue font that would work on windows version of Rhino. And this is the only one so far that partly show up in Rhino on windows.

Helvetica neue lt std 2 Helvetica neue LT std

i also cant get this one running completely it shows the same symptoms as described above.

they or lets say these complete families seem to work in their entirety.

Not optimistic after all… Rhino 6: Fonts Unavailable