FONTs that work on both platforms


In the office, we have been recently trying out windows on bootcamp as a complementary OS due to better plug-in integration, performance etc. Anyway, we ran into a font problem when it comes to exchanging files. We use Helvetica Neue for all our work (adobe, contracts etc.). It is sadly not bug-free in Rhino on mac, but if one is not touching the settings that much, it somehow works.

But when using the same file/template with this font on windows, it just goes bananas. I’ve tried 5 batches of Helvetica Neue families and spent a couple of hours figuring out if there is any that could work. The Conclusion is, that what works on windows, does not work on mac and vice versa. (still talking about Helvetica Neue families).

So I just wanted to step away from the disastrous fact that I did not manage to make it work, and wanted to ask which fonts are compatible across both platforms without any drawbacks? What are your experiences? What is a safe option? @lowell @wim @Alain

Thanks, Petr

Hi again,

It has been tedious trying to find a workaround for this, sadly without any success. The worst finding is, that user installed fonts on mac are not showing up in Rhino (only the regular one from the whole familuy containing fe 10 members).

Could anybody help me to confirm if this is Rhino issue?

Helloooo, any advice, opinion on this? @wim @pascal @dan

This has been an area that @lowell (and @dalelear) have been working lately, so I’d like to make sure they are aware of this thread. I cannot be certain from your description whether or not their recent work would have an impact in your case, but I think they might.

Thanks Dan,
great to hear there is an ongoing investigation! Just let me know if you need any help with testing or further specification of the issues.

What we’ve been working on is a little different. It has to do with what to do when a file being opened references a font not installed on the computer. In particular, how to choose a substitute font.
It won’t do anything about the interface for choosing fonts.

Understand. But even this could help the case. How is it when you substitute font style, but the font style has overridden properties (height etc.). After substitution, will the new font keep these properties?

What we’re doing right now is to make it so there’s a way to substitute a specific font to provide the glyphs when the specified one isn’t installed. It’s not done and i don’t know exactly how the interface will end up working but the mechanics work now
It just deals with glyphs. Other properties are in dimstyles and overrides and will not be affected

I have the same issue with the GH definitions are messed up when switching from Mac to WIN. To avoid the missing font error on WIN, I wanted to change the standard font on both to something very common like Arial. Works on windows, but on Mac there is no way to choose the font. Is there a workaround by manually changing a preferences file?