Typeface Does not Match the Style

I don’t know how I did this (but I encounter a lot of similar problems with style). In the attached file I have a style “Annotations” with the typeface Helvetica Neue. I create text using the style “Annotations” but the text comes out in Century Schoolbook (with no option to reset to the style). If I change the style the typeface changes but going back to Annotations always gets me Century Schoolbook.
FR166 TRANS Lower Cross Section.3dm.zip (28.1 KB)

Have you tried:

  1. selecting the text,
  2. from the properties choosing Edit Style
  3. changing the style’s font to something different and hitting Apply
  4. changing the style’s font back to Helvetica Neue and hitting Apply again.

This is coming from the Windows world where, while not particularly intuitive, it seems to force a font reset.

It should, of course, be sufficient to drop down the font in the text properties and set it back to the default for the style. (In Windows a non-standard font has the dropdown’s label in blue: when changed back to the style’s font it goes black.) But I’m not convinced that always works…

Note too that you can identify all non-style-standard dimensions (including the fonts) in your model with the command _SelDimOverride (I think you should be able to use SelDimTextOverride to find only font changes, not leaders etc, but that doesn’t appear to be working in 7.12). I don’t believe there are any commands yet to directly reset the selection.


Hi John -

I’m not seeing that here on macOS and Rhino 7.12 - but I don’t have “Century Schoolbook” on my system:

It’s a bit more messy when I open that file on Windows and I’ll try to get something reported in YouTrack.

Jeremy -

That command will select annotations where the <> value of dimensions has been changed to something else.

You get Century Schoolbook with M$ Word.