Rhino 6 Mac - TextObject font choice


I noticed today that when trying to create Text Object you can’t select the font styles, (Such as Regular, Bold, Black etc.) which is easy enough in Rhino 5, thought it might be worth mentioning!


Yep, this regression is inherited from the Windows V6 version I’m afraid…

Ah not to worry! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll continue to use v5 to get those styles in! :slight_smile:


I wonder, is this something which could be fixed before publishing? Or is it too bold wish? :slight_smile:

This behavior should be better in the latest RhinoBETA. Please let us know if it is not. We know we have some more work to do related to Font selection in the V6 lifecycle.

Thanks, @dan, I will check the latest BETA today and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi @dan,
I don´t know how is it with other fonts, but I still can´t select any Helvetica family (regular, light, medium etc.).



There should be more font variations for Helvetica Neue in the latest RhinoBETA.

We know we have more work to do on this front and we plan to make changes in Service Releases within the Rhino 6 for Mac release cycle. The following items are still on our TODO list:

  • RH-53419 Text Does Not Display Font Families On Mac
  • RH-53430 Add more Helvetica Neue Quartets to Mac installed font list
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Hi Dan,
thanks, I see one font is added - I have Helvetica Neue and Helvetica Condensed so far. But still many missing. Anyway, thanks for taking care of it.

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Hi again @dan,
I´ve just checked the status of the font families issue and saw the comment about moving this to the 7.x version? That said, it won’t be solved for 6.x at all? I can imagine this as a marginal issue for most of the users, sadly all our templates and the overall CI is based on the Helvetica neue family which used to be available in R5, but not in R6. Is it worth waiting for this to be fixed in 6.x? Or shall we start searching for new font solutions?



Hi @petumatr-

I’m really glad you are watching issues on YouTrack that matter to you. This helps.

Please let me look into this more. We’re going through a bit of an internal exercise to determine what needs to be fixed when and this may need more scrutiny. I’m a bit swamped with issues to review right now, but I hope to get to this in a matter of days.

Hi @dan,
thank you for the reply, I can imagine there are more acute issues you must deal with right now. Anyway, I will be glad for any update regarding this issue. This fix would help to push the R6 through and finally implement it in our office.

Hi @petumatr-

I just tested:

RH-53430 Add more Helvetica Neue Quartets to Mac installed font list

and things seem to be better in the case of Helvetica variations.

Due to how our release process works, this will start to show up in Release Candidates for 6.19 in a couple of weeks. I’ll check back here when they are available and let you know. I just wanted to let you know that there is hope during the Rhino 6 for Mac timeframe.

Hi @dan!
That´s fantastic news and thank you for letting me know. I am looking forward to seeing this font implemented in R6 :slight_smile: don’t you know, does this fix help to accept the Helvetica Neue text from R5 file? We just have so many templates in R5 based on this font.

It should. Once we have a build published, let’s test with your condition and make sure. We should have a bit of time to tune it up if it fails the test.

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Hi @dan!

After a long while, I tried to check my Rhino 6 for windows (so this probably doesn´t belong into this thread) and I found there is the same issue with Helvetica fonts. Do you know, does the 6.19 SRC solve it for both platforms or just mac? Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you know, does the 6.19 SRC solve it for both platforms or just mac?

I believe this particular fix only applies to Helvetica Neue on macOS and Arial on Windows. I might be confused. We’ll have a 6.19 SRC out soon enough and you can test to see if it suits your needs on both platforms.

Ok Dan, lets wait and test :slight_smile:

Hey @petumatr-

Can you please test in the first Rhino 6 for Mac SR19 Release Candidate?

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Hi @dan,
thank you! At first glance, Helvetica Neue fonts work as expected. The only thing is that it can’t read the R5 files with Helvetica Neue family, so all different fonts in Helvetica Neue (light, thin etc.) family is transferred into simple Helvetica when opened in R6.