Font Substyles Bug?

the mark pro is a very popular celebrated contemporary font from a couple years ago. there may be some frutiger families or other families i named that work but there are even more that do not work…

all these work in V5. i understand there has been some radical change and there was also some bug but it has been checked as fixed when it unfortunately still is an issue on mac at least.

when i started that topic in november last year i experienced this on V6, but it has not changed so i keep ranting…

guys, since the development/feature list for V8 is currently ongoing can please please please please somebody have a look at this issue?

@dan is there anything you can add? nobody seems to comment on it further, fonts are way too important to keep us in the dark, is there anything you are planing?

I cannot reproduce this. I suspect that I don’t have enough information to reproduce this. Perhaps if we had detailed steps.

thanks dan for having a look.

here i am using googles free Roboto, as you can see in the list below the substyles do not even show up in the list, only Roboto and Roboto Condensed which is a complete different Family

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-01 um 09.58.06

when i mark and right click the text in the text properties then click show fonts

the fonts show up there

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-01 um 10.26.33

clicking on Thin for instance shows up in the text properties

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-01 um 10.01.13

but does not reflect in the viewport. below the names should be displayed in each substyle, but it only shows either regular or bold.

here how it should look like

the problem exhibits also in many other font famlies which i can not share in public. in many fonts regular, light and bold work while others not, in one example for instance Andes, all work except one. i can share more fonts in pm if you need. but Roboto is a pretty normal regularly and officially used font so that is a good starting point i assume.

FontStyleBug.3dm (2.7 MB) (1.3 MB)

A little technical explanation.

Categories like Times New Roman, Courier, etc. are “Typefaces.”

Categories like Italic, Bold, Roman, etc. are “Type Styles.”

Nouns like Times New Roman Italic, Courier Bold, etc. are “Fonts”. Each font has a separate definition file (but there is a system for packing fonts together).

Applications attempt to simply the handling of fonts in various ways. It is common to present the user with the Typeface. E.g. Word

Rhino appears to do the same but the only “option” is to select the Bold style.

hi @Alain i coincidentally saw that you had fixed an issue with a specific font on mac here the tracker unfortunately there are more fonts which do not show up completely for instances googles roboto i have posted above. this issue is bugging us for a very very long time and many essential fonts are not working correctly can you please have a look once more and see if there is anything you guys can do?

That fix was a hack for that specific font and it would be tedious to fix each possible font case by case in the same way. It was part of a discovery process to come up with a generic fix that we are working on. It’s not as simple as it seems to fix but we are working on it.

hey! that is already so good to hear that it is being targeted, this topic at least at this point here unfortunately ran a bit sisyphos. is there a public youtrack available?

also if you want a few fonts to test i could provide you with a few other than the google roboto. please let me us know if we could be of any further help, i am sure all of the particpants here would love seeing this being resolved.

This issue is logged here

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