Entire model disappeared after editing block

I edited a block and when I exited the block manager the entirety of my model disappeared (except for the object I had tried to add to the block). The history of all of my actions is still there and so are the layers. The file size has also not changed. However even after entering ‘show’ and ‘unlock’, no objects can be found in the model. Unfortunately I have no old versions of the file but I have spent about 8 solid hours working on it and can’t afford to redo it! The audit report says this:

Document Manifest:
Texture Mapping: 0 active, 1 system.
Material: 562 active, 1 deleted, 2 system.
Line Pattern: 7 active, 3 system.
Layer: 11 active, 4 deleted, 1 system.
Group: 2 active.
TextStyle: none.
Annotation Style: 2 active, 7 system.
Light: none.
Hatch Pattern: 10 active, 9 system.
Block: 5 active.
Model Geometry: Error: Model: 1804 active, 5194 deleted. Manifest: 1804 active, 5281 deleted.

Error: 7602 model components (5199 deleted). 23 system components. 7712 manifest items

Audit Summary:
0 object errors detected.
0 linetype table errors detected.
0 layer table errors detected.
0 block table errors detected.
0 font table errors detected.
0 annotation style table errors detected.
Table tally:
11 layers
5 instance definitions
2 annotation styles
0 fonts
7 linetypes
562 rendering materials
Object tally:
0 normal objects
0 locked objects
0 hidden objects
7222 deleted objects (in undo buffer)
1804 block definition objects
0 reference normal objects
0 reference locked objects
0 reference hidden objects
0 reference block definition objects
Audit found problems.

If you have not closed the file, please Undo and see what turns up.


I have tried undo and while it appears to undo actions, no objects appear

Can I send you my file or share my screen?

Yes - please UndoMultiple first, just in case that helps recover the model - also, before you save, locate and open the 3dmbak file of the same name in that file’s folder and save that to a new name - this may help recover your stuff as well.

SaveSmall, Zip and send to tech@mcneel.com. with a link back to this topic, please. If it is very large, upload to www.rhino3d.com/upload.


I’m afraid there is no 3dmbak file in that folder, how can I find this?

Hello - sorry - I just realized we’re on a mac here. If you go back in file versions, you should be able to revert to a previous version.


Okay sure, how do I go back in file versions?

Nevermind sorry I got it - that’s amazing, I didn’t realise that feature existed! Thank you!

RH-57400 is fixed in the latest WIP

Just had this same problem on Mac Version 10.14.6 Rhino v6 (6.30.20288.16412, 2020-10-14). Unfortunately I saved and quit, and am not seeing any previous versions.