Drawing disappears when closing block editor

Hello, I closed block editor and all visible objects disappeared from the file. This has happened only twice but unexpectedly, as I may have used this command several times before in the same file without a problem. It seems like all visible and unlocked (I tried Show and Unlock) geometry is gone, and I can see that the size of the file is reduced a lot. Even if I close the file without saving, it doesn’t come back. The weird thing is that when I run Undo, I can see that the command history is there and with every Undo the object that was affected by the command that is being undone each time, reappears. Any clues as to why this is happening? Thanks.

Yes, unexpectedly… I should say so - can you recall, had you used any of the controls on the BlockEdit dialog ( I mean as distinct from just making changes to the geometry - AddObject, RemoveObject, etc) ? Were you able to retrieve a previous version?
What version of Rhino? (SystemInfo command )


Rhino 6 SR18 2019-9-23 (Public Build, 6.18.19266.13352) Evaluation

The first time I don’t remember if I used the controls, the second time no, I just created a hatch. And no, there was no previous version available.

Confirming I’ve had similar issues in R6.18. It also happened with V5. It happens unexpectedly. It happens regardless of whether I use any block edit dialog tools.

I just had this problem too. My model just disappeared and cannot retrieve it. Lost about 3 hours of work. Rhino 6 for mac appears to be super buggy so far. Wish i hadn’t wasted the $500 to upgrade.

Just happened to me for the third time, while I was moving around some objects to different layers inside a block - everything disappeared when I hit apply. Can’t undo me out of it, can’t select anything, the file size dropped from 67.6 to 35.4 MB. Rhino 6 for mac v.6.19.19298.01152

I just had the same thing happen - this is so many hours lost under a tight deadline. @McNeel - this is unacceptable.

Is there a fix or a response or solution?

It also happened to me, I think this is normal as because when I uninstalled and reinstalled the problem seemed to disappear. By the way what version you were using?, and did it happen before or just the first time you have encountered something like this?.

Hi Mariah190282,

It just happened to me as well. Does reinstalling also helps to get certain things back from your file? Or does it only solve the problem for the future?

This just happened to me for the third time in a week. I’m using a fair number of moderately-detailed blocks, and upon closing the block editor, my file became empty. Thankfully after closing without saving I’m where I was since I last saved, but in that moment if I had saved I would’ve lost everything from the file. This seems to be a recurring issue; hopefully McNeel can investigate this!

I’m on a mac with v6.25 and this has happened to me a few times now. I use it for 2D drawing and after exiting the block editor the workspace and history is suddenly emptied of all its content. There is no solution to this sudden amnesia and you just hope there is a recent version available. Often there is even no autosave available to restore to.

I was lucky to be able to download a previous version from my Google Drive, which here is somehow better at saving autosaves than Rhino.

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This just happened to me for the second time. Like others, I have lost hours of work. This is infuriating.

Never seen anything like this, until it happened to me today as well. Saving on a remote drive, so there’s no autosave… I saved the (destroyed) file under a new name, and one intriguing fact is that the file size is similar to what it was (~5mb) with all the lost objects intact; this makes me wonder whether they’re mysteriously “still there.”

@mcneel this seems like… a pretty significant bug…

I’m running Mojave on a <1-year-old MBP, Rhino 6 SR24 2020-3-19.

Same thing happened to me as well, I lost my files which I worked almost 5 hours on it, so frustrating.


Working with Version 6 (6.25.20114.03572, 2020-04-23)

Hello - is there any consistency in this at all in what edits you make in the BlockEdit session for this to happen? Is the resulting file actually empty or are there hidden objects? Can you send an example file where this has happened?
And, does Undo restore anything?

@JohnM - just fyi, this thread…


This has happened to me, too. Exiting the block editor and finding all my work gone. I decided to close the document and discard changes, and it reverted to the previously saved version which seems to have been right before the disaster happened. So I didn’t loose much work, but I almost had a heart attack.

@pascal – This may help or not, but when this happened I was working in a rush, so I exited the block editor by clicking apply and then closing the block editor window, and IMMEDIATELY clicking or double-clicking on the model space in my haste to get that window out of the way. It usually takes a moment (a second or less) for the block editor to close and unlock all objects and for things to return to normal, but in my rush I think I clicked in the model space before the block editor got a chance to unlock everything etc. Maybe if you beat that process by clicking on the model space, the process somehow gets messed up?

For the record, I’ve previously had the similar problem of exiting block editor and finding all objects in my drawing locked (as discussed here Can't get out of block editing) and i also have the distinct memory of clicking or double clicking on the model space IMMEDIATELY after closing the block editor window, while the unlocking process was underway but perhaps not completed.

Hope this helps.

Hi Bruno - thanks, I’ll try to reproduce this - I don’t know how you can check this without putting your data at more risk, but it would be good to know whether or not the objects are still in the file but hidden, or is the file really empty when this happens. If you have the nerve to SaveAs a copy in this state, should it happen again, I’d love to have the resulting file.


that might be a bug, but I had a similar experience quite inexplicable, which was my fault in the end. The block all at once dissapeared leaving my active document empty. The thing is that searching for each block I was able to see that very strangely all my geometry, because of some strange sequence of command in the block editor went all in the block in which I was working, dissapearing when I closed the block editor. it is a very banal error, but I never made such an “error”… maybe your cases are similar. I hope it helps.

HI @pascal my drawing also just disappeared… I don’t know if its because of blocks like the other people… but I was using lots of materials inside blocks (and blocks of blocks). I’m on 6.26 for Mac. In two years of using Rhino this is a first for me.