Everything on my Layouts are missing!

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this. Working on a HEAVY model with multiple layouts an so on after design submission. While in model space I wave been purging the unused blocks and so on. I go back to my layouts and boom, no title blocks, no text, nothing. I haven’t deleted the layer they are on and I haven’t deleted anything on the layout pages.
Please, any ideas on what is going on?


This sounds horrible. Quick thoughts, try Show, be sure all layers are on, and on each of the layouts missing items be sure the per detail / layout setting for those layers are on (the second lightbulb in the properties window). Failing that, before you save or anything else, copy your latest *.3dmbak, rename it and change the extension to *.3dm and check in there to see if things are back.

Best of luck,


Thanks for the reply. I have tried all of the above and nothing. I’m gutted.

Hi Dan - Can you elaborate at all about ‘and so on’? I’m at a loss at the moment - are all the missing things block instances? Do the definitions for these still show up in BlockManager?


Sounds like you’ve deleted blocks. If the problem is limited to your layout blocks, chances are you could open a previuos saved revision (if you have one) and paste the missing blocks back into the damaged file.