Complete drawing and layouts disappearing when closing block editor

I closed block editor and the complete drawing plus layouts are gone. I saw that this seams to happend before but I didnt see that somebody where able to fix it. Pretty serious bug…

Hello - do you have a file where is is repeatable? You tagged this topic with python - is there scripting involved somehow?


Python tag was a mistake.

To explain my problem, I closed the block editor and most of my drawings and layouts disapperad. I managed to restore the file and half of the work was found. One layout and the latest hour of work is still missing. The block editor is still open and when closing the same problem happens again. When closing the block editior there is no way to ctrl+Z back to undo the closing. Nothing happens. Can you take a look at the file? File.3dm (13.9 MB)

I do understand that I can remove the items from the block now, but it still doesnt solve the main problem, that a lot of information suddenly went missing.

Please note that in this file my latest work is still gone. :frowning:

Hi Julia - I see that issue here as well with your file and reported that as RH-56826.
I didn’t find anything that would cause this but am wondering how that block was created. You seem to have been able to include both model space geometry and details in the same block definition.

Hi Julia - the developer has taken a look at this. The bug is a known issue with Rhino 5 and was fixed so that the BlockEdit command no longer was able to write bad data in Rhino 6.

This is not something that will be fixed for Rhino 5. If you need to continue using Rhino 5, I would recommend to put the BlockEdit command in the list of “Always save before...” commands in the Rhino Options > Files dialog box:


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Rhino 7 user here.

A couple days back. Everything in my drawing along with all my layers disappeared after a block edit. I still haven’t found the cause of this. Reverted back to autosaving every 3 minutes…