Can't get out of block editing



Dear Rhinoceri,

For some reason, while editing a block, the Block interface disappeared. So I was not able to push the close/update button.

Not beeing able to exit the block-editing modus, all other geometry in my drawing stayed frozen. So I thought exiting Rhino alltogether and restarting would fix it… Unfortunately, when re-opening this drawing, it starts again in frozen/block editing modus.

Could someone shed a light on this behavior?
Thank you ever so much!

  • Bart


Visibility > Unlock Objects

Excuse my newbie remark… This ‘behaviour’ is most probably just Rhino locking all geometry, just before going into Block Editing… After incorectly leaving Block Editing Modus, the locked geometry didn’t get back in it’s earlier state. Hence the ‘behavior’, just as if Rhino was still editing the blocks’ geometry…

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Bart- unlocking is a way out, but you should never need to do this - I’d like to know how the dialog disappeared in the first place- do you have any idea what you were doing when it closed?



Hi Pascal, thanks for taking intrest.

If I’m not mistaking, I was (re)arranging the different menu-windows, activating new tool-bars etc. while in Block-Edit Modus. I have a duo-screen setup. Running Rhino64bit on Windows7 with a Samsung USB Monitor SMD220SU as second screen.

I just found another glitch with Block-rendering. Also some hickup in generating the interface / toolbars for which I opened another issue here



This also happened to me when using grasshopper on objects in a block during block edit mode.

Using the unlock objects command has caused the block I was editing to explode.

Not a big deal for the model I am working on, but I imagine it could be if my block were more complex.


Hellow to everyone, the same thing happened to me, does anyone had found the solution to exit the block editing without using unlock?? Since I have a lot of information as reference below the things I am redrawing and they are not grouped, so at the time I use unlock all the information would get mixed!

If anyone knows, let me know please!

Thank you all.



This just happened to me in the Rhino for Mac WIP. I wasn’t even editing a block at the time. Might have double clicked into it accidentally but not likely as I was using the layer window to turn off layers in a block.



Same issue here - This happens to me very frequently and it is annoying. I am pretty sure this has something to do with clicking the spacebar while trying to do other commands during the block editing. I noticed the edit panel goes away the moment I press the spacebar.

As for the note to use the “unlock command”. Once this has been implemented, every block created within my file is released from being a block.

I have also noticed that when working on a block item in a separate window, the command bar does not auto populate as you type. This can also being troubling for people who have difficulty spelling…(sad sigh).




I’ve had this happen several times. and just cam across this thread. I used unlock to get out of the blockeditor, but now the block is again individual objects–even though the block manager shows the block existing. Do I need to make them a block again? Is there a reverse to the “unlock”?

(Pascal Golay) #10

Hi CalypsoArt - what happens is the block instance is exploded in this situation - so is Undo does not get you back where you started, you can Insert another instance of the block.



this happened to me recently - The block-edit dialogue box disappeared when using copy / paste command within the block editing fucntion - specifically when I pressed command V - it just disappeared. I had to use “unlock” to exit out.