Model is not uploading correnctly

Hello Shapediver,

I have attached my model, which is not properly upload on shapediver.
There are many components are missing.,

Alex O1 (3.9 MB) [Removed]

Have you tried opening the definition in Rhino 6? The shared ShapeDiver system still runs Rhino 6 and there are known backwards incompatibilities with Rhino 7. At the moment, you can access servers running Rhino 7 with a Designer or Business account.

This is what I see when I open the definition in Rhino 6, which looks close to what ShapeDiver is showing:

After a quick look at your definition, I noticed that there are a lot of access to hard-coded indices of lists and trees, which can be unsafe depending on the operations you are doing with your geometry. One should never assume that the order of elements in a list will be the same from one instance of Rhino to the next after such operations as joining breps, solid differences, etc… It is always good to implement checks or steps to re-order lists to make sure the order is deterministic.

An example of this issue is described in case 2 of this blog article: Optimizing Grasshopper Definitions Explained!

I have uploaded rhino 7 gh file, looks perfect.
As I have designers account.