The sides to my model are not being displayed. Any guesses why?

The sides to my model are not being displayed.

The top and bottom are OK.
The front and back are OK.

Any ideas?

Plaga Design Studios - Cube Maker V2.2 Alpha - ShapeDiver.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe you didn’t connect all outputs to the ShapeDiver Display component or some transformations just didn’t work. Maybe some geometry isn’t internalised, maybe it’s hidden or maybe it’s not there at all!

I could keep guessing but posting a minimal definition replicating this would help hugely to get to the bottom of this :wink:

It displays correctly in Grasshopper, using Shapediver output.

Here is a different but not as feature rich version that works correctly.

Plaga Design Studios - Cube Maker v.1 - ShapeDiver.

Ill see if I can post a minimal version of the grasshopper file that is not working.

This could be an ordered list issue, see following posts for more details:

The best practices of data management are covered in these video tutorials:


Thanks, I’ll take a look at those resources.