Discrepancy between gh model and online model

Hi guys

i’m trying shapediver but i have some issues, my model in rhino/gh is ok, work well and i have a clean shape but when i upload the file, in shapediver the geometry have some deformations and the 3d text position is different.
i have checked geometry, rebuild mesh and other trick but the problem still there.
see pdf and gh file attacchedmaniglia param 22.gh (1.1 MB)
Untitled-1.pdf (8.3 MB)

many thanks for the helps

There are two separate issues:

  1. Broken geometry
    When I open the model with the latest Rhino 6 release (Version 6 SR17 - 6.17.19235.15041, 08/23/2019), I get the same geometry as in the ShapeDiver viewer. It’s consistent since the ShapeDiver servers also run the latest release. Which Rhino version are you using? Could you update your installation and let me know if the problem persists?
    Alternatively, this could be an issue with tolerance settings. If that’s the cause of the problem, you can solve it by using the ShapeDiverTolerance component. It will force the Rhino instances on the servers to use the tolerance settings you specifiy.

  2. Position of the 3D text tag
    In that case, I have identified a bug in our viewer. It seems that spaces at the end of a string are ignored when computing the justification of the text. Since you are using these spaces to move the tag in your definition, that explains the difference. I have filed a bug and it will likely be solved soon, but in the meanwhile you could move the text by directly moving its location instead, which would be more reliable.

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thank you Mathieu
i’m try to adjust definition but now i can’t upload…shapediver tell me “✘ The upload failed: An error happened while uploading the file”

and also, shapdiver display geometry don’t show me anything, but geometry is ok

This error currently occurs if the upload takes longer than 30 seconds. Is this the case for you?

no, it’s around 5 sec

Please try again uploading at different times and let us know if you keep getting the same error. Could you also send your updated definition with the ShapeDiver display components so that I can check the problem you are having with visibility in Grasshopper?

i’m retryed now, problem solved…shapediver display geometry now work well, preview is back to work without reasons. I can also to upload file without problem e the geometry is correct in shapediver like in rhino/gh…
…i don’t know


There was indeed a problem on app.shapediver.com, which made model file uploads fail if they took longer than 20 seconds. This has been fixed.

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Hi Mathieu

i’ve finished the model and i uploaded it on shapediver but i have new discrepancy…
i’ve checked all, i’ve used shapediver tolerance component ad also i’ve controlled the mesh setting during the conversion from brep.

please check image and file attached
thanksmaniglia param 26.gh (900.4 KB)

chack also this filemaniglia param 26.gh (913.8 KB)

Same situation as before, for both files: I see exactly the same geometry in Grasshopper and ShapeDiver. Did you check that you updated your local Rhino to the latest Service Release?

Actually, after looking a little longer at your model, I found some empty inputs which should maybe be internalized?