The new app gives errors not seen before

Hi, I have just checked my model that has been working perfectly in 2018 and now I have errors.
See this screenshot - inside of gh it works:

But in the app one of my toggles produces unexpected results (this is straight from upload)

Hi @mateuszploszajmazure,

Last year all our system changed from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6. Are you by any chance using Rhino 5? If so, then you have to check how your definition performs in Rhino 6 as it may display exactly what ShapeDiver is showing.

Let me know how it goes.

Hi, I am using Rhino 6 since start with shapediver. The definitione works perfectly in Rhino 6
I have also updated to the newest shapediver version. It improved viewport in gh, but the file still works the same in the app

It will be difficult for us to debug this without having a look at your file. If you can’t share it here, consider sending it to

@mateuszploszajmazure I have sent you the definition via email with some fixes. It is not a great fix as it is just trying to organize the list of faces that come out from the Deconstruct Brep component.

The practice of exploding breps and meshes to select its parts and create geometry from them is not recommended. The order of the list of elements that come out may differ from one update to the next of Grasshopper/Rhinoceros. This means that what was before the item 1 on your list may be in the future your item 5 and so on. So just selecting without doing any geometrical verification makes the definition super unstable.

In the future, try to create each wall independently and without using solid intersections or unions which make the models super slow. This will take you longer to complete your definition but it will be way more optimized and stable.

Finally, try to make your definitions organised in independent groups and add descriptions to what is happening in each group. This makes it way faster to debug and work with others in the same model.