Zonify Produces a Mirrored Hatch in Some Instances

I am going through the tutorials with the Release Candidate (downloaded today) and for the “Bamboo Zone” and “Lobby Building Zone”, the hatching for these zones appears mirrored. This happens if I create the zones myself or open the pre-zoned tutorial file “Bamboo_Park_Tutorial_2.2.3dm”. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Rhino v 6.21

Hi Darren,
You are right, there is an issue with the boundary curves used to generate those zones that are mirrored. We will take a closer look to figure out what’s happening.
If you create the zones choosing the “Pick inner point” inside those curves (I recommend you to isolate them) rather than by the “Limits” option, the zones will be created properly.

Hi Francesc,

I was able to get it to work if I first saved the file as a Rhino 6 file. It appears the tutorial files are Rhino 5 files. Then it works as intended when picking zones based on Limits.

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