Lands Design released!

It’s been a long way but, at last, here is the first commercial release. You will still have 90 days of evaluation period to use it for free. All functions will be there. After expiration, a license will be required which will remove the temporal limitation and will allow you to download the full realistic plants library.

You can download it from the new website:

Enjoy it!


Thanks Albert, will this also be available through resellers?


Hi Keith,
Yes, it already is. Please write to us to for more details.

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Congratulations for the release! Nice plugin, a missing puzzle piece for architects that use Rhino.

Does that mean there’s a level of realism to the plants we have no access to until the purchase (which would make sense from a marketing standpoint)? Because one point of critique until now would be realism - having really high-quality plant versions for good renderings would be fantastic!
Talking about something like Evermotion’s plants, or Laubwerk’s.

Thanks Eugen for your kind words!

Regarding the “full realistic plants library” it means that you will have more plants, not a higher level of realism. In the evaluation version there are near 250 realistic plants. For the rest of species in the plant database a default representation is used based on shape and plant type. After purchasing, user gets more plants (currently 600+ but the set is increasing every day).

The new plants are all being developed using a new plant generator that offers better results than the old nXt generator (the one available in Flamingo nXt). Though, those users thinking it is stilll not good enough can always use it’s own library.