Land Design 2D terrain visualization issue


With the last update of LD (version 5.7) I can’t activate the 2D Terrain visualization (level curves doesn’t appear). Have anyone noticed the same issue ?


Hi @v.bonifazi26,

I have been testing it and it is working fine in my computer. The last Lands Design version is, are you using this one?

Please, check that the number and distance between contours is the right one (if these numbers are too big, you might be seen only one contour). You can also check that the appearance is the right one as well.

If those settings are ok and you still cannot see the contours, please, could you send us the file? You can post it here or send it to Is this happening only with terrains or does it happen with other Lands Design objects?

This issue happens only with terrain. Settings seems ok. I’ll send you a file only with terrain objects,



We need to explore what is happening in your case. Please send it to