Transparent tree shadow hatches

As you surely know, Rhino 7 will support transparent hatches. Please utilize these for your (nice) tree shadows when doing your update for R7. Meaning, please add a transparency slider next to the shadow color parameter when the time comes.
Why? It’s brilliant to have vector drop shadows, but normally on a nice looking plan they won’t be just black. Changing the colour works already, but the best looking approach is to overlay drop shadows over the background (like 20% or whatever).

One could of course explode the Lands shadow hatches and use the built in transparency in R7, but then parametricism would be lost.

Would be super cool! Thanks!

Thanks for your suggestion. We are definitely going to use the Rhino 7 transparency on plant shadows. This is something we really missed in Rhino 6.

Very good, thanks a lot!

Btw.any news on a R7 version of Lands? From what I gather, there’s no Rhino SDK break this time.

We are already working on Lands Design for Rhino 7. No break, true, but since Lands uses a lot of low-level elements porting is not that trivial. Anyway it should be available soon.

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