Conceptual display problem

I don’t know what I change but the plans in conceptual mode have the wrong appearance (first_image).
If I explode them the appearance is correct (second_image).
In other modes, there is no problem (third_image).
Any help?

Is this happening on a particular 3dm file or on any file?

If it’s happening only on this particular file. and since exploding the plants solves the problem, you could have set the plants display color’s opacity to 0. In fact, the detailed display looks “wireframe” instead of shaded as the terrain. Can you chekc the color set to plants objects?

If it is happening on any 3dm file, then I would look at the Rhino display mode options. Detailed plants are Meshes, while conceptual plants are Surfaces.

It could also be a bug. If you want, you can send us ( a sample 3dm file containing just one of those plants (the terrain is not necessary), and we’ll take a look on it.

plant_conceptual_problem.3dm (517.4 KB)

Thanks! The display color’s opacity is ok. I can’t figure what’s going on yet. We need to debug it. I’ll let you know what we found.

it looks like you moved the plants to Back or to Front. Rhino does not display meshes for objects with draw order set. In fact, draw order is only applicable to 2D/Drafting objects like curves, hatchs, etc.
You may have set the plants draw order when the Lands display was 2D, and plants showed the crown made of curves and hatches.

To fix it, set the Lands display again to 2D (_la2d), select the plants and use the command _ClearDrawOrder to remove its draw order. Then set the Lands display back to 3D (_la3d).

Kudos to @enric who solved the mistery.

Yes, you are right. I actually use display order but not in 3d view just in 2d view.
Without display order, the 2d representation is not completely visible in hill areas.