Mirror Hatch to keep orientation

Hi all,

Is there a setting so that when you mirror a hatch along with geometry, it keeps the same angle as the original?


Hello - yep, we manage that with text so it seems like it should be possible.




Following your comment from 2018: “Perhaps - but- is there any expectation that hatches should in fact be mirrored? If not, then maybe we should just ‘do it’ (keep them the same).”

I think that you should just ‘do it’ :slight_smile:

Nice to see this brought up again.
@pascal any wayto put this back on the work list?


Could we revive this? Or is there at least a way to reset the “mirroredness” of all selected hatches?

Hi Jasper -

It was still open on the list. I’ve bumped it.


it says affected version 6 just in case that may matter.

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Just to illustrate the underlying problem. Both hatches have a rotation of 45°. So if i want them to match, i have to rotate one to -45°. Which means that I’ll end up with a drawing full of hatches that all have different orientations just to look the same.

In my opinion hatch rotation should just be global and not be altered by mirroring. Just like the base point should, so that neigboring hatches match up, no matter if you moved the hatch around.

It would also be neat if the rotation stayed global in the layout, even when rotating the view by 90°.

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any update about this?
Look like hatch are still being mirrored both in Rhino 7 & 8.

AutoCAD has MIRRHATCH system variable to control this but probably deals with mirroring operation only.
I copypasted some hatches from Rhino to Acad: Could not find any attribute to fix this there too.
Hatch base point and Angle are the same but the pattern has a different bias.

Will this be hopefully dealt now that 8 is out and running?
Thanks you all!

Hi Luca -

All information we have is in that YT report. As you can see, it’s currently on the 8.x list.

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I’m having this issue as well and never had it before upgrading to v8.

It also mirrors the hatch automatically in polylines that have been mirrored. No idea how to control this manually. I used to be able to select all of my hatches, reset the angle and base point for everything. But now this doesn’t work. It’d be great to revert this back! Thanks.