Origami with grasshopper - kangaroo, please help!

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Please someone help me, I think kangaroo or some grasshopper plugin can help me fold the image on the left (flat bars intertwined) into the shape on the right (ie folded flat), I’m just illustrating got my idea, hope you understand what I say, thank you very much.

@DanielPiker Can you help me? thanks a lot

Someone help me

Here is the Crane plugin and youtube tutorials

I’ve looked at it, thank you very much, but it’s not the same as the one I need help with, mine are separate bars, and connected to each other through a criss-cross position.

This doesn’t look like an origami problem, and can be done more simply without a solver.
Essentially you’re taking about diagonally collapsing an extruded square grid, so there’s a direct solution.

It can be seen as a non-uniform scaling of a diagonal grid by sqrt2 times Sine and Cosine in X and Y
This transformation can be applied to any surfaces extruded and trimmed from this grid
sliceform.gh (13.5 KB)