Yesterdays V6RC asks for license

@brian This latest RC pops up a message box first thing after installation starts. This hasn’t happened for previous RC’s; they just detected (I presume) the previous licensed installation and carried on with no further intervention on my part.

The complication with this week’s is that when the message box is dismissed by clicking OK it just returns to the original installer screen with no further clue about how to enter the license key nor any dialog box in which to enter it. This will, I’m sure, confound the ordinary user.

In my case, with my experience in offline WIP installations, I thought I would try the gear icon. This brought up the usual “advanced” installation screen where I was able to enter the key. It began what looks like the ordinary install procedure, which is going on as I type.

I’ll let you know if it succeeds.

I’m assuming it’s just a bug in the installer, but if it’s a change in policy I would hope you would let is know and improve the procedure.

Please start your Windows File Explorer and type %temp% in the address bar.
Find the log files that start with Rhino_6_2018… and send them to us in a message to

This should not have happened.
I did extensive testing on this fix for the new SR9 release candidate just yesterday.


Hi @John_Brock,
This happened to me too.
Attached the log file.

Hope it helps.
Rhino_6_20180926192230.txt (18.0 KB)

Thanks for letting me know. Do you recall what the message box said? The logs likely aren’t going to tell me, because this is at the UI level. Did it, by chance, say “Enter the name of or IP of your Zoo server”?

For my case, see image below.

Same issue on what I am using too. —-Mark

No. All it said was (essentially) “Please enter license key”.

The install completed successfully and the program initialized and ran normally, both as administrator and as normal user.

The good news is that the “faro arm” plugin issue seems to be fixed.

I also installed the WIP from yesterday. It also asked for the license just like V6RC and was solved the same way. When it starts up it still shows the plugin load screen, but for raytraced, not faro arm.

V6RC logs attached: (437.8 KB)

Edit: BTW - I guess it should be mentioned for the record that in my case, at least, these were offline installations.

Can’t pass the stage of the “enter license key”. In my case no installation is performed.

Thanks, all - I’m looking into this now. Logged as RH-48716.

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If you click OK in that dialog box, then click the gear button to the right of “Install”, what do you see? can you please send me a screen shot of that dialog box?

Here you go:


Thanks everybody, I am now able to reproduce this, and will have a fix cooking shortly.

RH-48716 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Thank you!!

I just installed Thursday’s RC and can confirm the rogue license request issue is fixed. Also no bothersome plugin loading notice windows.

Another small victory for the McNeel Raid sprayers.