Retrieving license from license manager

Hi, I try to open and use Rhino 6 (demo version) for the first time. The starting screen opens, however, the message ‘Retrieving license from license manager’ keeps on loading and the program doesn’t go any further. I checked the license in my personal profile and there it seems ok.

You’re right. Everything on this end looks good.
I’ve just sent a message off to a developer to see if he has any ideas.
What browser are you using?

Great thanks! I use Google Chrome and it’s updated recently. Could it be that I did something wrong in the installation process?

Chrome is our goto browser too.
Is there any chance there is a prompt window hiding behind Chrome?

This is what is happening, don’t think there another prompt window.

I’m confused.
That screen look like when you have added the license key locally.
You added your license to the cloud zoo so you would click on the Login button and provide your rhino account credentials.

@ljongepier are you able click on “Change my license key” and login using your Rhino account?

I’m able to click on it, but then it’s just stuck in loading again.

Maybe I should do the installation process over again?

Is your Windows running in English?

In Dutch :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s any benefit to reinstalling.
I’m checking with another developer to see if we might have a bug dealing with Dutch.

Thanks @ljongepier. Are you able to move the Rhino window around to see if there is a dialog behind it trying to ask you something?

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It’s working! I restarted my computer again and now it’s starting. Thanks for your help!

Glad to hear it’s working! Please let me know if you have this problem again.

I have exactly the same issue, and solved in the same way by re-starting my computer. Thank you for your posting the issue.

Almost 30 minutes wasted this morning because of this stupid license manager.

hi everyone just restart your computer and sign back in your rhino account! saved me a bunch of time