Need help installing license key

Didn’t think I’d be writing for this kind of help. But anyway. I bought the Rhino6 upgrade. So I’ve got a License Key. But I can’t seem to get it into the Rhino6 I’ve got on my computer. Seems silly I know. Should I uninstall the Rhino6 I’ve been evaluating and install the version I downloaded after buying the upgrade? Help?

What happens if you go to Options>Licenses and hit the “Change your license key” button?

I did try that already. Up came a message box asking me to login OR input license key. I tried putting in the license key but it didn’t take. Don’t know why.
I just tried it again and what happened was that a window came up wanting me to log in. I tried that and was finally able to log in to my account but then couldn’t seem to add a license. It kept re-directing me to login even though I was already logged in. I seem to be in an infinite loop of some kind. I don’t remember having this problem when I bought Rhino5.

What happens, exactly? Do you get an error message? If you put a license in the Cloud Zoo you need to remove it -


I did not put a license in the Cloud Zoo.

I see that at 9:17 this morning you successfully added your V6 license key to a single computer.

Based on that, I’ll assume you’re sorted.

Well, when I start Rhino6 it still says I have 38 days left. It shouldn’t say that should it?

No, it shouldn’t.

Please take a screenshot of that message and send it to with a description.

Also, take another screenshot of the setting in Rhino Options > LIcenses

Don’t post these images here as they will have license information.

thanks. will do.