Licence Key conundrum?

Hi All, Finally decided to take the leap so I can start getting my plugins ready for R6.

Used the link, entered rhino 5 details, and downloaded?

Cant start it? It wants me to log into a rhino account (created one), and now wants me to add a licence for rhino 6…

catch 22?

Im a bit stuck, did a miss a screen that gave me a licence key?

You should have received an e-mail containing the license. Check your spam folder, too.

Ahh ok. Ill have to check my ITs email. All our copies are registered under that department. Thanks!

If that doesn’t work, drop us a line at with the Rhino 5 licence you are using, we’ll give it a look.

Thanks. Might do that instead. We have 15 licences Currently and id like to be able to this without having to hop through my IT department each time.