Your license was in use on .... message appearing multiple times

I notice lately that this message appears much more often. I have one license in use that I use on both my pc as mac, and previously when I switched between the two I got this message once. But it seems that it doesn’t remember this, so when I open another instance, I get the same popup message that the license was in use on a different computer.

At least one other person has been reporting the same thing. It seems there are a few licensing issues with V7 currently.

Hi @Gijs, I’m AJ, one of the devs at McNeel. can you please PM me with your license key? I will try to get to the bottom of this for you.

thanks pm sent!

I’m having the same issue since yesterday with RH6 with the latest update. I use rhino on my win10 laptop and workstation.
First I thought that maybe the Rhino process might still be running on my laptop and that would cause my workstation to always be “asked”, but no rhino processes were running in parallel on the laptop.

@phos4 I believe this issue has been fixed. Can you please confirm?

Hi @aj1 thanks for looking into this. As far as I can tell it is solved at my end!

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Same here, no issues today, thanks.