Haven't been able to open V6 since yesterday

It’s failing to authenticate with the license server or something.

Just watch the Please wait bar forever.


If you’re running a really old build; like 2 years behind on monthly updates, download the current installer from the Archives section of the Download page and run it.

If you are running a current build of V6, then restart Windows.

Any luck?

The reboot did it. Thanks John.

When Rhino starts, it asks Windows to use the default browser to go check on your licenses.
Nearly all the time, Windows does what is asked and it works fine.
On rare occasions, Windows seems to go deaf and leaves Rhino waiting.
The easiest work-around is to restart Windows.

So basically we are relying on too many lines of code working correctly to get into the workshop and do work.

What if it gave you some warning like failed license check we are shutting you down in T- 7 days if your license doesn’t get verified.

All day yesterday I was afraid to close my last instance of Rhino in fear of not being able to get another one open. Which means BlockEdit doesn’t work and you have to like manually browse for and open files in v7 and save out as v6 etc. you get it.

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