Unreadable linetype table in 6.9 SR5

A new box comes up saying “has unreadable line type table. Do I want to continue reading?" Yes or no does nothing.
Seems to open certain files, but not the one I was working on before updating. Funny, that’s the one I need.

@markintheozarks that’s no good! Can you please attach the 3dm file here, or upload it at https://www.rhino3d.com/upload?to=tech@mcneel.com - please include a link back to this topic when you upload.

FYI @dalelear @lowell @Alain

Not allowed to send it.
I did a uninstall and reinstalled sr8. After going through the licensing again reopened the file I need. A new dialog comes up saying “ has unreadable group table. Do. I want to continue? Yes or no does nothing

Ok, I guess we’ll hope that someone else who can send a file has one that can reproduce this problem.

It is an indication of a potentially damaged file.
The trick is to figure out why.

Is the file stored on your local drive or somewhere else?

With the possibility of a damaged file in the back of your mind, take appropriate steps to minimize further damage or loss.

You can try running the Rhino “Audit3dmFile” command on the problem .3dm file and saving the text report that appears in a text file. This text lists what kinds of objects are in the file and things like layer names, but no specific geometry or other content. Look at the text file and see if there is any information you are not willing to share and remove that information. Then post the text file here and we might be able to tell you a little bit more about what is damaged in the file.

Hi Dale, I had placed the file I had problems with in a external hard drive. After updating to SR9 , I reloaded that file back into the computer I am using. It opened fine and using it now. Should it come up again I wouldn’t mind doing a remote if needed. Thanks, Mark