WISH WASD navigation

I work in TwinMotion and Rhino at the same time right now, and swapping between the two makes me reeeeaaally wish for WASD navigation in Rhino… :slight_smile:

Can you please consider adding a feature for that? The current walkabout is too long in the tooth to be of use.

AND the option to pan and rotate around the mouse click point (like 3Dconnection has)


Have you tried WalkAbout mode? Just type in Walkabout. It is best if you start in persepctive at eye level to start it out. Use the Right-mouse drag and scroll to get around. The Arrows work to move forward and pan sideways…

Yeah… but it doesn’t support multiple key inputs (panning and moving forward at the same time)
And it is jaggy as heck, like epileptically jaggy if you look around while moving.
Try navigating TwinMotion or any game made after May 5th 1992 and compare and you will understand what I wish for :slight_smile:

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You are using arrows, correct? And you use multiple arrows at the same time? Or do you tend to use the mouse with Twinmotion?

Scott, you need to start gaming :wink:
(edit: I thought you asked if I used arrow keys in Rhino, sorry for that)

I use WASD and mouse to look in TwinMotion. That is default for navigation in games, but this would mess with Rhino’s typing, so to be able to use those for pure navigation it would require a navigation mode that disables typeable commands, (that would be great though) so yes, arrow keys for navigation is default.
Then RMB to look around.
But if the file is heavy and in rendered mode you can not move and look around at the same time because Rhino stacks up arrow key presses like crazy and continues to move when the keys are relsesed. It’s hands down horrible. :smiley:

TwinMotion is standard game based (exept for the rmb lookaround) with WASD for movement, shift to speed up (running) and ctrl to walk slower + Q and E for levetation. (And it has a walk ON the ground feature) It also has 3 speeds so hitting 1 2 or 3 toggles between walking, riding a bike and driving a car speeds. You should really test it out, it’s sweet and I presume you will get a bit addicted exploring your Rhino models. Model in meters and export via fbx. (And it’s still free and based on Epics Unreal Engine, so it handles basically anyting you throw at it regarding complexity and has a huge default, good looking assets and materials)


:smiley: second that!

One more thing to add, a few years back while I was working with ShipConstructor, there was this AutoDesk tool. I don’t recall the name, but along with flythrough, there was walk through, and there was gravity enabled it was exactly like a game, walking around the ship, climbing staircases and stuff. Maybe Bongo 3.0 will be able to do that, now that they are adding the Bullet physics engine.


Dear @scottd

There were many, many threads about this function in the past several years from many users. I even started one myself a year ago…

I will always bring this quote:

Walkabout is lame
-Bob McNeel

And it is true. Walkabout is recorded on YouTrack since 2014…

One user made something, but unfortunately didn’t make it smooth enough to not get sick after a minute.

Rhino probably started as a modeling tool for the relatively small objects, so rotation around object was enough. But it is different now, people are using Rhino to design big ships, buildings and even urban scale models. You know the best, you recorded Rhino Inside Revit tutorials :wink:

Can you imagine that lack of that function was one of major reasons that I started to learn completely different program? (Unreal Engine 4 in that case) Export everything just to look at things I’ve done. Just for that.

Even before that, I’ve spent 150$ from my student money to buy Spacemouse from 3Dconnexion. - But I have very mixed feelings about this device.

I know it is not life-threatening problem but please consider implementing something which can be called a professional solution. There are many people on this forum who can describe how navigation like that should look nad what options are a must.


My experience regarding the 3d space mouse is that the problem is not so much with the device, it’s the plugin that connects the space mouse to Rhino that’s messed up.

With CATIA the space mouse is great.

Yes, I should be more precise, I have mixed feelings about the plugin. Both in Rhino and Revit, don’t know how it works with different software.
I even started a topic on their forum but gosh, who would listen to some random guy…

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@scottd Please download Solibri, it’s a free IFC viewer that has very good mouse navigation. This is not WASD based, but bassed on zooming and rotating around clickpoint . That together with a wasd mode for exploring only would be a great uprade.

I believe they have all the technology necessary for implementation of such thing.
They just have to look through their open-source projects in github and combine them :wink:

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Hi Jakub,

Re the Spacemouse, have you tried reversing all the navigation buttons? After years of seemingly awkward controls on my Spacemouse in Rhino, I discovered that reversing all the button directions fixed the problem.

I’ve added this thread to the open WASD request RH-51185
Thanks for all comments,

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Is Rhino the only software you use with the 3d mouse?
Try using your configuration with different software in parallel. Or moving to another PC with standard config.
Muscle memory is a b****.

Besides, tilting the knob forward in order to rotate it backwards. I better take a joystick and imagine I fly a plane.

I use my Spacemouse in SolidWorks too, but I only reverse the directions for Rhino, then it works exactly the same as it does in SolidWorks. The Spacemouse remembers each configuration. I suspect the need to reverse directions might have something to do with the altered orientation of the z axis one experiences in moving between Rhino and Solidworks. Hope this helps.

As far as I remember SolidWorks has its mouse configs opposite to that of Autocad/Rhino. rotating scroll forward = zoom-out.

Something like that. The Spacemouse settings allow zoom using Forward/Backward if none of the reverse buttons are selected, and will only permit Up/Down as the zoom if both those directions are also reversed. For any other selection of reverse the Zoom direction uses Forward/Backward and the Zoom Direction tickboxes are blanked out. This applies, I think (and open to correction), in any programme you use.

I’m sorry, I don’t see how changing the zoom from Forward/Backward to Up/Down leads to:

Unless SW is messed up in the first place.

Hi Ivelyn, perhaps my terminology is a bit imprecise. The spacemouse manipulates the model in exactly the same way in either programme if one uses the following settings:

For Solidworks, select Forward/Backward, and
For Rhino, select all the reverse buttons. If you leave just one of them unselected Spacemouse manipulation in Rhino becomes unwieldy, in my experience.

II can’t claim that these settings will work in all situations, only that they’re worth a try.

Oh how I hate this! I don’t read anything beyond this word. I wrote my names with capital leters for people to stop misspelling my name.