When will Rhino get an updated Orbit+Navigation System?

Please, I like Rhino very much but why is the Navigation so painful? Or do I miss some hidden feature? In every other 3d software you can simply orbit around the position of the cursor over any object. Without Zooming to Selected first. Also often I do not want to Orbit around the center of the object.
Please Help/Update - I feel like working in the 90ies

I’d recommend that your skim through a few Getting Started tutorials to see how Rhino works.
The Learn Page on the Rhino Web site is the place to start.


something has always been weird with rotating within a viewport, i too seem to be using Zoom Selection and Zoom Target way too much compared to SWX.

Hello -
Is that in a perspective projection in both?


perspective or parallel perspective? this is in perspective, i don’t really work in parallel. does that answer your question? ty2020-09-15 11_22_21-Window

Hello- I was just curious about the camera projection in each case - Rhino’s perspective camera probably needs more adjustment from the user than parallel projections, and was wondering if the comparison you made is ‘apples to apples’ in that respect.


yeah, it’s not apples to apples.

have you worked in SWX to see the difference in rotating a view?

I do not have SW here - but is the view rotation in a perspective projection, is my question - or a parallel one that is oblique to the scene - I’d make sure the comparisons you make use the same camera projection in each software, is all I am suggesting, 'cause the behavior can be quite different.


i’m not sure what it uses, and i realize every package handles rotating differently. i’m just being a whiner today. :wink:

I would recommend a space mouse by 3D connexion. I absolutely love mine! Someone here, smarter than myself, can explain how it works but it always seems to know what I’m looking at. Think it’s about $100. To me it’s worth a thousand dollars.


+1 on the space mouse.

It’s a puck-style controller that behaves as if you’re grabbing the contents of the window you’re working on. So you can twist, rotate, zoom, pan, etc, very intuitively.

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why is it that the space mouse has tighter navigation as a 3d party tool but Rhino natively doesn’t?

just ordered one, i’ve demo’ed them before and just could get the hang of it. i think i gave up too easily.

here’s a grab of how solidworks navigates. to my untrained eye it looks like when you click to rotate the view, it projects your click point to the surface/face that is under the click and uses that as it’s rotation point. if you click outside of the part /surface it uses that last point. it is so close to using the gumball on selection for center but without the preselection. this issue pops up every once in while with users. is this behavior something that could be looked into? ugkHAsGfts

also if people say that the space mouse has tighter navigation, how is it a third party can tighten it up but not rhino natively?

i haven’t been using SWX that long so it’ not that it’s what i’m used to, it just feels more natural.

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In my opinion, Rhino orbit navigation works well for origin-centered models, such as small product modeling. Right click / mouse wheel + Shift / Ctrl works quite well for me. When the scales are changed or you move away from the camera target that’s when the problems appear, it is like rigid.

Maybe it is also my turn to test the 3d mouse.

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ahh, all my work is out in space somewhere far off from world 0,0.

The software has a little training course, it’s very helpful to get started. Took me about 3 days and it solved all my issues.

Thank you kleerkoat - at least someone understands my problem. This is status quo in navigation also in Cinema 4d and Fusion 360. I do not know why Rhino is not implementing this. Orbiting and Zooming are the most used commands - so the less clicks the better. Another point is that a lot of 3d people work with more than just 1 program. Switching between them and adapting is hard . Thanks!

15 years here and have never gotten it. :wink:

Hello - I can’t tell if that clip shows a perspective or parallel projection…?