WASD controls in Rhino?


Is there a way to be able to move around with the WASD keys in Rhino like in a FPS computer game?
I’ve started using Unreal Engine and there you can move around in the editor like that, it’s really useful.
I know there is the WalkMode but it’s not quite the same.

Is it scriptable? Is there a plugin?

Thank you,

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You can script the command _-RotateCamera {Direction} _Enter (with Direction one of Up Down Left Right) and assign it to the WASD keys (in Tools>Options>Keyboard). It will rotate, but not move the camera. And you need to press ENTER every time I think.

I’m not aware of commands that move the camera, but I’m not an expert.

Also, if you have some cash to spare, I can recommend getting a 3D mouse (aka space mouse).

Yeah I’ve seen the space mouse but it doesn’t feel like it should be too hard to achieve without hardware.
Thank you for the command, I’ll dive deeper into the matter.

I have made a script for this, but I am waiting for rhino to support multiple key presses.
Right now the tool uses mouselook and RMB to walk so it isn’t mature for release yet.


ah that sounds great. Is multiple key presses something coming in a near future or not even mentioned by McNeel?

I am not sure as I am waiting on a reply from @dale:

I see, they seem to be on it. Fantastic that you’re making a script like this, finally all my gaming will come to use professionally :slight_smile: . Will it be just for walking around, I saw you mentioned jumping, or is there a fly-mode to?

the initial need is first person exploration that moves above ground at a fixed eye level.
You predefine objects for this.
Making a “fly mode” isn’t difficult though, as all it does is move toward where you are looking without dropping to the ground. But a space mouse can give you that sensation already.

any breakthroughs for WASD style movement through a rhino scene?

it would be cool

No breakthroughs that I know of, no.


I have a good script for this but the development came to a halt as it doesn’t support multiple keys, so all I need to complete it is the standard to read multiple (at least 4) key states so jumping while running diagonally can be registered (W+A+Shift+Space)

Jumping is important to get up obstacles that are a bit too high to walk up.
Running is important to cover more ground to get to the next area we need to investigate.
Walking diagonally is important for a fluid exploration.

I hope this can be nudged up on the priority list :slight_smile:

I was just about to post this same question, then figured It would be wise to search first. Glad I did.

I too bounce between Unreal Engine and Rhino frequently and have fallen in love with the WASD style of 3d spatial navigation.

Has there been any further progress on your script @Holo / @pascal ? I think its integration would be a hugely beneficial add on to Rhino.

Hi Coberlan,
Thanks for bringing this up.
Nothing that I know of, and I hope something can be done. I would get right on it if they can add it.

No worries, thanks for getting back to me Holo.

I hope someone from mcneel can help you out. Having fly through controlability with just WASD would be incredible.

Best of luck.


I have been working on a plugin with that functionality for a while and have it currently fully working with bunch of other features. I have been using it in my work a lot for precise camera setups and scene explorations but need some extra time to make it public (licensing system and help/tutorial videos). Hope this can be done in the next couple of months. I will post an update once ready.



Get a 3dconnexion space mouse if you’re serious about navigating the model efficiently.

Spacemouse is Ok for some uses, but WASD + Mouse Lookaround navigation is from my experience way more immersive if the camera is kept eye-level above any geometry you walk over.

That’s great news Jarek!
I have only a W, A, S or D with mouse look plugin, and that isn’t good enough for serious navigation. It’s better than nothing, but not good enough for release, so good luck!


I don’t know if anybody has played countrestrike, but you can fly around after you die… don’t need collision detections… just pass straight through. you always go in the direction you’re pointing at the center of the screen

Sure, God-mode is great for exploration and even easier to program than a walk mode. Often with ground collision = on.