Wish - predefine default texture settings


I am using Rhino manly for architectural visualization, for the vast majority of all elements in my scene I am using a box mapping with the dimensions 1m X 1m X 1m, usually the texture size would be defined / adjusted in the textures UVW settings within the material itself ( I am using the octane render plugin).

The advantage of this approach is that it is possible to have predefined materials with correct texture dimensions which will be displayed correct when applied to any object in the scene that is boxmapped with 1/1/1.

However I have to apply this boxmapping every time I create a new object wich is quite cumbersome.
I already created a small script to make this an “one click” operation but still I have to take care of it and I think there should be a better way…

So here is my wish:
Please give us an option to let every new object have a default, predefined texture mapping (in my case that would be boxmapping 1/1/1)

I am sure everyone working with archviz would really appreciate such a thing

thanks for any feedback



I am all for improvements in real-world scale materials.texture application.

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anyone from McNeel maybe… ? It might be a clickable option under settings / render -> "define default texture mapping for all new elements "

that would save me like 100 clicks a day…

please !


…can someone from McNeel chime in?

Hi Andreas - many of the Rhino materials are set to use textures that are mapped to WCS to deal with this - is that an option in Octane?


Hi pascal, thank you for your suggestion, I will look into this…

hi, I think that might be what I am looking for, but WCS box mapping is not available for octane materials…
I will ask pkinnane (Paul) if he can look into this…

Would it be possible to automatically execute a script like this:
after each time I create a new object?

Hi Andreas - not easily - it would require an event watcher I suppose… is your current workflow to select a bunch of objects ans then run a script or macro that does this?


yes, kind of… I customized a button with the commands I wrote above, that would apply a 1mx1mx1m box texture to any preselected object, but since I am permanently adding new objects to my projects I find myself doing this stupid repetitive tasks over and over again… because of your post I took another look at the octane material settings, and indeed found a similar option (world space instead of object space…). Amazingly, this actually seems to work, but my excitement quickly faded when I found that this will not be displayed in the rhino viewport… so I’m back to square one here…


Hi Pascal,

I just got an answer from Paul from the octane Forum

Hi Andreas. I don’t think the mapping can be driven from a plugin. The plugin has the controls available as described at https://developer.rhino3d.com/5/api/RhinoCommonWin/html/T_Rhino_DocObjects_Material.htm when defining the material in the Rhino Viewport, and I don’t see any controls for the mapping. From my limited understanding of the situation, I think you would need to control the mapping via the UV coordinates applied to the meshes you are creating. Sorry I have not been much help on this.


So, I guess we would have to do something on the Rhino side…
Is there any way to let Rhino know the WCS defined in the octane material, in order to display these correctly in the rhino viewport?



any news here?

Pascal, any news here? This would really, really help everyone using octane IMHO… especially in architectural visualizations…

best Andreas

@andy - I really am out of my depth here - do you have an idea whether or not, or how, this could be done?


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thanks Pascal !

Can someone please take another look at this ? I think I would not be the only one who would like something like this…



This will be very useful if one could change the default mapping method, then the scene preparation workflow will be easier and straightforward.

I too arrived to a conclusion that in order for me to control the materials in the scene file (instead of jumping between the files) I need to have a universal mapping on all the objects (linked blocks/ file geometry). I’m using Vray, it has some limited texture mapping controls.


Good question. We definitely should be able to define the default texture size at a minimum. But it could be even better…

I too am attempting to transition to Rhino for ArchViz type work and really need the ability to better control the texture mapping of all objects and sub objects, especially simple solids like walls and their sub object ‘surfaces’.

In my current software workflow (FormZ), it is easy to use quick solids for basically everything and only surfaces occasionally. This means I need to be able to map each of the solid’s sides separately using the SAME materials, without creating copies of the same material just to handle the different mapping (stupid for archviz).

I asked about this seemingly simple task over a year ago and it appears they are working on it - How to apply 2 materials on the same wall - #13 by wim

If they got this working, then you wouldn’t need to use the silly Render texture map controls, whether it be in Octane or VRay to quickly and accurately adjust the mapping inside Rhino like any other surface. Sub Object Texture Mapping! PLEASE!

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McNeel → any news here ?


@pascal , @andy @pkinnane

So it´s been 4 years now without an improvement… :frowning:

I will try to raise your attention to this topic again because it is really important especially for anyone doing archviz in Rhino.

In a nutshell this is the main problem:

this one would be a “nice to have”

I think it is not too much to ask to have a working WCS mapping option for the Rhino / Octane ecosystem in 2023!