Wish: Orient objects 3 points with a Vertical option

It would greatly improve the workflow if there was an option to pick a vertical orientation either for the 2nd or 3rd target point for the “Orient objects 3 points” command while working in the Perspective viewport.
Currently, the user is forced to leave the Perspective viewport and go into one of the orthogonal viewports to pick a vertical direction for the 2nd or 3rd target point.

Also, a “InPlace” option to place the 1st target point on the same location as the 1st reference point will make it easier and quicker, because many times the intent is to use the same origin point for the orientation of an object.

An “Undo” option will allow to undo an accidentally picked point and will let the user finish the command conveniently, rather than cancel it completely and start over again.

Sounds reasonable to me:

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Hello - I have to admit I am a little lost with this - the developer asked me to try to understand better just what is being suggested , and does Elevator Mode not accomplish this?


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I support the undo option to re-select :smile:

Elevator mode (holding the Gtrl key) will not help with this command. The idea is to be able to set the 2nd or 3rd target point vertically to the Cplane. Currently, Rhino only allows to set a horizontal direction when using Ortho (or when holding the Shift key if Ortho is turned off).

In order to try how this behaves in Rhino, simply go to the Perspective view and start the “Orient objects: 3 points” command. Set the 3 reference points, then do the same with the 1st and 2nd target points. However, when you try to set the 3rd target point vertically, you can’t. Ortho only allows to set the 3rd target point horizontally left or right. It will ignore the vertical directions up and down. This is why I proposed to upgrade the command so that one could use the Ctrl key to be able to set a vertical direction. Or, add a “Vertical” option in the command line. Or, allow Ortho to do its job as intended (when it’s set at 90 degrees, it actually “snaps” to 180 degrees during the “Orient objects: 3 points” command).

Hm. I see - I’d prefer to use existing functionality like Elevator mode rather than add an option, myself - which works - the weakness I see is that Point osnap does not pick up Target Point 2 ; if it did we’d be done. I’ll see if that can be tuned up and get there without a command line option…


Not sure why Ortho temporarily stops to snap to 90 degrees and switches to just 180 degrees inside the “Orient objects: 3 points” command. Once the command is completed, Ortho works at 90 degrees again with every other command. I think that if Ortho worked as usual at 90 degrees all the time, that would easily fix the issue.