Orient lacking directional inputs or what command do I need?

I wish to select a line and say orient horizontal XY plane

or maybe select a curved vertical line, pair of them and say orient best fit vertical yz plane and obviously also one would need to give a location, pick a point and indicate its destination.

better still to be allowed two picks, pick a line say horiz XY plane then it allows for a second pick, I pick another line and say horiz x axis.

Should this be in Orient, or what command will do this ?


Do you want to:

  • orient the Construction Plane coordinate system to a line?
  • orient the line to the world XY plane?
  • orient the line to the Construction Plane XY plane?

I’m not sure I follow.
May be this will help.

Rhino’s “Orient” commands align the Construction Plane Normal of the current viewport to the object being transformed, then aligns that to the normal of the target surface,
Rhino’s “Extrude” commands maintain the original orientation of the curve or object to be extruded.
Rhino’s “Sweep” command maintain the initial relationship between the profile and rails, so the profile bends and twists with the rail curve.
Rhino’s “Project” commands go normal to the construction plane of the current viewport
Rhino’s “Pull” commands follow the normal directions of the target surface

sort of thats it !

I dont want to alter my world to match the import, I need to get it orientated to match my model , then scale it down to fit it. (scaling not a concern,…orientating it is what I need)

I shall explain a bit better, I am after simple orientation of an aircraft wireframe brought in from a photogrammetry prog (wireframes are made from matching features on photos).
Its all about bringing in this aircraft wireframe which is at some really crazy angle, doing a backward flip and heading well away from where my rhino model is heading ! … and getting it level and in the same direction as my rhino accurate build from plans which is flying straight and level along the X axis with its nose at 0,0

This wireframe model I need to orient imports into rhino but not aligned to either my default Construction planes, those I normally work with, or maybe the custom Cplane I am running at that time, but to keep things simple lets go with the default world views we get with a new rhino file ! Where I am most of the time !

I see a line on this model (running from port to stbd side.) that should be horizontal in laymans terms if aircraft is to be flying straight and level, as mine is, that is parallel to XY plane. Furthermore I wish this line to be for example parallel to the Y axis then it will be flying in the same direction as mine. Selecting this line and running some command on it sees it and the rest of the model now change direction and orienataion !

That done , its now got its nose leaning over backwards though, its doing a loop de loop !

to get its nose heading where it should be going, I want to e.g. pick a curve that is running along its port side which I know should also be horizontal and say make this curve parallel to the XY plane, that will force it down to be flying straight and level.
Maybe I see a vertical frame line, a pair of them, so I could pick those and say make vertical, best fit to the yz plane.

Thats the sort of thing I need to fight it into place in my default constrcution plane world as comes with a new rhino file.


Steve, have you tried _Orient3Pt, it sounds like this is what you need, for your other query about planar surfaces too.

It asks for 3 ref pts to define the source CPlane and 3 target pts for the destination CPlane, you may have to introduce some temporary geometry to achieve the desired result.

With my port to stbd line, if I use Orient3pt, I would pick one end of it, lets say port end, then pick the other end, stbd end, I have a third pick, and ponder on what to do with it.

I have no target points , so I guess I would use 0,0 and somewhere along the Y axis for the second pick,

Can the targets be a different length apart than the source picks 1 and 2 ? I have no targets same length, I have no target points at all regards objects etc.

but of that third pick, what to do with it, in both source and target ?

Picking a line and saying make this parallel to XY plane and indicating where maybe the first pick would end up seems a simple thing.

sort of orient2pt


Using Orient3Pt on a line seems like overkill,(use Orient) but the third point can be anywhere at all except along the line.


Orient3Pt is my preferred method for orienting geometry imported from photogrammetry software. Only the orientation of the points matters, distance between them does not matter. Orient3Pt is not overkill for 2D and 3D geometry; it is much simpler than using Orient multiple times.