Wish: named / saved transformations

I would love to see an option, that would allow all commands that do (single / multiple) matrix-based transformations (rotate,mirror,move, shear, array(polar), scale1/2/3, …and some more

to save the transformation(s) - so it can be repeated or even combined / inverted.
the saved versions should include copy yes / no, and the recall should allow to override this.

Maybe this option can be turned on / off in some global settings.

Of course the transformations should be saved within the document.

The use scenarios are endless:

modelling an object with any kind of axis symmetry independent of current c-plane

In landscape design or architecture it is often necessary to draw closer to the origin, but export in project coordinates. This transformation could be saved and inverted

If symmetry is rotary, for example designing a clock

designing 3d-patterns like a soccer-ball cut pattern…(saved from orient3Pt…)

… many more…

looking for commands and for
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kind regards, -tom


another topic / issue that would be solved with this idea - in my opinion:

seems like there are similar ideas , or ideas that can be integrated to one bigger approach regarding transformations:

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Tom_P, there is work being done in this concept, targeted for 8.x.


@Japhy thanks - great to read.
wow. cool.
would be nice to have it in the import / export-options as well.
“import with transformation”
“export with transformation”
let me know as so there is something to look at (in the WIP) and give feedback.

kind regards - tom


another similar topic from @Steve1 but only regarding “move” not regarding transformations in general.
Is there a repeat last move command?

@Japhy any news ?

Hi Tom,

I was referring to the Object Frame, which isn’t going to do what you’re inferring. https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/rhinocommon/rhino.docobjects.rhinoobject/objectframe

One interesting note is the ability to bake a plane with attributes that can be then cast back to a plane later. Attach UserText/Meta Data To Planes - #13 by michaelvollrath

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I vote for Tom’s wish.
I certainly keep wanting to repeat a move I made. Only yesterday was I needing to do so quite a few times .
if Macromedia Freehand could do it McNeel could do it.