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I often use orient to align complex objects, which when selected makes it very difficult to identify snap points. I usually combat this by placing points in the locations I plan to orient from and to, and then only snapping to points. I was working on one this morning and I was thinking, at least in this particular instance, this would be much easier if I could pick Reference Point 1 and then Target Point 1. Instead of picking all the reference points and then going back and picking the Target Points. I wish there was a toggle to allow me to select: reference, target, reference, target, reference, target, instead of reference, reference, reference, target, target, target.



Hi Don - Orient3Pt has this in V6/WIP, I imagine it is not too big a stretch to add it to Orient as well…




That’s definitely better in V6, Was there ever an option added to blank or hide the object being transformed? Many times it interferes with being able to pick the target point. It would be nice to hot key it to invisible for a moment while you pick the point.

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RH-38514 is fixed in the latest WIP