Feature Request - Built-in Undo for Orient on Surface and Splop

Hello All:

As a feature request for V7: can we add an Undo option to Orient On Surface and Splop when placing objects on the surface (using Copy=yes option)? It could work a bit like the similar option in Polyline.

I’ve been meaning to ask for this for more than 10 years now. I use Orient On Surface quite frequently for placing gemstones on the surface of jewellery. I also use it for creating texture. And if I make a mistake, I have to finish the command and delete all those objects.

What do you think?


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logged here-

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Yay! Thank you!

Hi @theoutside,
I see that this hasn’t been implemented in Rhino 7 yet. Is this on anyone’s radar for Rhino 8?

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It’s an open request.
Timing would be up to the Dev which appears to be @dale

the undo would be nice for
as well…
especially with _orient3Pt you might make a misstake - get a flipped result…
would be great to have a nested undo:
(lower level) while picking points - undo removes the last point
(upper level) after picking the 3rd point - remove last copy