Wish list item: PBR (Physically Based Rendering) material

It would be nice to have a PBR material in Rhino WIP 6. Only 3 texture slots are needed; albedo, metalness, and roughness.

3D Coat has a good explanation on there web site:


V6 won’t have one, but the idea is to introduce one in v7 (i.e. already during the wip after v6).

I have started drafting one based on Blender Cycles’ Principled BSDF, possibly with added features like AO map, smudge map. Some simple version I have working, but only locally (see simple mug scene for use of spec and roughness maps).

Thanks for the update. Rhino just keeps getting better all the time.

We just officially added PBR Materials to the Rhino WIP version for both Windows and Mac. If you would like to join the discussion and try it, take a look at the PBR Material WIP thread