Rhino 7 SubD roadster

These are just captures from Rendered Viewport Mode and from a render setting noob at that. If there’s interest, I’ll augment with progress on that front.


Did you model this car with SUBDIVISION?

I certainly hope so or I would have to change the title.

Origins from Kyle’s Subd cars thread.


I understand :laughing:

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Ok, I have to ask, how long did it take?

Also, is there a “assembly” option to limit the movement of parts (aka hinge on the door so the movement gets limited by the setting) or did you reposition everything by hand for the first shot?


The popular “eye-teeth” panels were all knocked out within 5 days of poking at most of the SubD icon tools and seeing how much heavy lifting the gumball could do. The monocoque chassis was 2 sessions and worthwhile to provide a relative framework as well as backdrop wheel wells. The other ~10 days was a combination of

  • SubD modeling obscure parts that NO ONE will realize nor appreciate
  • Astonished stare-fests while muttering “Jeez, I can’t believe that worked”
  • Moments of saltiness over tools I recalled tSplines having and not implemented here

The Grasshopper crowd could very probably turn the parts parametric (mechanical hinge behaviors). However with vanilla Rhino, it’s done by careful layer hierarchy planning in turn providing easy group selection.

Logical areas can be turned “off” or locked at will to make a group easy to pick. From there, relocate the gumball where the virtual hinge would be and pivot from there. Hood, doors, trunk, bulkhead hatch, and glovebox all swung open in the opening shot. If this were going to be a routine thing, the Devs provided the Named Selections Panel:

The highlighted parts are given it’s own name even IF those parts are scattered throughout different subfolders. I’d suggest keeping a dedicated layer called PivotPoints to house multiple reference (hinge) points that a gumball could be relocated to.


Positive stress thank you
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너무 수준이 높아요 아… but I keep it up :slightly_smiling_face:

List of things you are missing? We want to get all that sweet sweet tsplines love for ourselves…

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