My childhood pedal car

Was inspired by @tgroppi1 to do some SubD modeling and bring back an old friend.

this was my childhood pedal car and was likely responsible for a lifetime of screwing around with cars.

Body and steering wheel all Subd, wheels Subd, Tires Nurbs, detailing in Nurbs.
rendering in Rhino, with a tiny Photoshop vignette added at the end.

rendering is nothing fancy, just sun and skylight… I did mess with the time of day and the intensity of both sun and skylight.


Pic of me (and my sister) with this sweet ride. probably 1973 or so…


the love of cars, being born in childhood.
we can’t deny


Great work !

you mean WIP wheels? Blend those parts Kyle, that’s the beauty of SubD! :rofl:

@gustojunk You are confusing a 6 hour start to finish (including the initial sketches AND the final renderings) build with 20 hour, into the weeds, every fillet and facet build…


I know I know… it’s a lovely model. Would be great to have a ‘fuse blend’ mode of intersecting bodies like these, different than the ‘low poly cage’ fuse that Daniel is working on. So you can show that level of 20 hours of finish within your 6 hours model.


yep, to be fair if I was modeling at a speed where my keyboard keys didn’t sound like I was typing an angry letter, I would have simply just booleaned that whole wheel together and thrown an edge softener on it for the rendering. That would have yielded the proper finish effect.

This one was definitely built at toy industry speed… move fast, stay low, gtfo before anyone sees what you are doing and changes it.

my team sometimes turns off Dropbox syncing to do this same thing, and preventing me from opening the files and freak out :rofl:

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HA! that’s hilarious!!